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Bringing Manila closer to Bataan

The province of Bataan has become one of the most progressive provinces in Central Luzon on account of it being host to most of the region’s largest industrial businesses. Its strategic location within the economic gateway of Manila Bay and the special economic zones is a key feature that would anchor further investments in Bataan province and in the whole Central Luzon as well.

It is with this observation of the province’s exponential growth that Magic Leaf Marine Logistics Corporation (Magic Leaf), backed with years of experience in the field of ferry-bus transportation, approached the province with a proposal to operate and maintain an integrated transportation system within the province under the country’s Public-Private-Partnership Program in February 2017.

After almost a year of undergoing rigorous study and processes from the province’s side, Magic Leaf and the Provincial Government of Bataan proudly present, 1Bataan Integrated Transport System (ITS). This is the transportation system under the corporation, 1Bataan Integrated Transport System, Inc., a product of a public-private-partnership between Magic Leaf and the Provincial Government of Bataan.

This is aimed to support and promote further the industrial growth and sustainability of the province of Bataan by providing better access for commerce, as well as elevating the lifestyle of its residents and promoting tourism in the province by adding mobility and giving a more progressive travel option to the commuting public.

Initially, it will service the SM MOA Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Pasay City – Port of Capinpin, Orion, Bataan route using ferry. To complete the project, a bus transportation system directly servicing the passengers of the ferry from the port of Capinpin to specific towns of Bataan and vice versa will be integrated in this transportation system. Several routes within the province’s existing ports will be added in the future as the demand increases.

This will significantly improve the linkage between Metro Manila and Bataan by providing the province with fast, efficient, and effective movement of passengers and goods to and from Metro Manila. It will usher the birth of a modern comprehensive and integrated transportation service system in the province of Bataan, and will provide a basis for future network expansion, introducing to the public a faster, more efficient and reliable mode of transportation within the area.